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Stay up-to-date on ALL of Irma2Ivonne's past, current and future events, appearances and collaborations! An exciting amount of new events in the community and opportunities to get involved and stay informed on the latest drops of 2023! 

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During the Month of December from December 21-24th i2iDesigns had the opportunity to participate in the pop up shops during the season! It was a great chance to meet people and network as well as get my products out to the world! Many more shops and vendor announcements coming soon!

October’s Pop Up Schedule is up & here to keep you all up to date on where we will be vending at! 

I2IDesigns, J.A.H.N, Molly Kresse and Meg Lowe Presenting,

September 16th, 2023 at 7p

As I Am

Live at The James Theatre

Saturday, September 16th 2023

Tickets are $15 in advance/ $17 at the door.

Doors open @7pm

Show starts @8p

All persons 18+ welcome

As I Am is a lingerie fashion show created by Ariana Jahn Hawkins, Jean-Ivonne Keller,
Molly Kresse, and Meg Lowe. Beginning last October, the designers and organizers of the show
created 5 collections with the mission of empowering those not typically represented in the
fashion industry. Over the past 10 months the crew faced a few obstacles, but pushed through
and are so excited to be having the show at the James Theater. We hope you enjoy the show!



What We Got

The pieces in this collection demonstrate the value of sustainability. Having a limited amount of resources and supplies creates a challenge to design. Still, through grit, designers took on the challenge of creating new pieces from repurposed fabrics, and clothing already in their

Enchanting Spring

The pieces in this collection bring a breath of fresh air after a season of darkness, reflection, and rest. New possibilities of gender expression fluidly explore color and style.

My Body

To love one's self-right, creating a sense of empowerment in the body you were blessed with is vital. Just because you don’t fit society's beauty standards, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. These pieces accentuate what empowers the model’s body and celebrate its beauty.

Chains and Whips Excite Me

The designers played with male vulnerability and consent by giving a different perspective of what the norm sexual power roles “usually” are. These designs challenge gender roles in the bedroom while simultaneously embracing the darkness. The thought of darkness can be off-putting to some but you NEED darkness to see the light.

Free Fall

For this segment, the designers had artistic freedom to design. This segment highlights the designers by showing their personal style and imagination. The designers will model their pieces to showcase that one does not need to be limited in expression.



Arianna is a designer/model and overall creative, in the iowa area with 3+ years of professional experience. She pulls all of her inspiration from her daily life as an autistic black women, founding her work off the human experience and the emotions that come with it. Her goal is to enhance the natural ability to connect to herself and others through design, art, sound and movement. She currently runs JAHN the online clothing store!

Jean-Ivonne Keller

Jean-Ivonne Keller is a Black activist, model, photographer, and pre-nursing student at the University of Iowa. Jean- Ivonne is also an up & coming fashion designer and a businesswoman. Along with being a stylist she is known for SLAYING new fashion styles and makeup trends. Jean-Ivonne is a native to Iowa City and recently had a fashion show to release her brand “Irma2Ivonne” or “i2i”, a Black owned eco-friendly clothing brand that uses thrifted/donated materials to create custom quality pieces that are made to feel timeless. “Irma2Ivonne” was made with the mission to promote self-confidence, and equal representation & body positivity for people of all sizes. “Every person deserves to feel and dress their best when they see eye to eye with my designs.”

Molly Kresse

Molly Kresse recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Social Justice and a certificate in sustainability. Molly currently works at Revival and is co-organizer of the Iowa City Flea. She upcycled for 6 years in Des Moines and Iowa City. Molly is excited for this show. It is truly beautiful, fun, empowering, and for Molly is a last hurrah as she no longer upcycles so she can pursue other creative projects and spend more time outdoors.
Meg Lowe
Meg Lowe has been a creative and vintage clothing dealer in Iowa City for almost eight years. She graduated from University of Iowa in with a studio arts degree focusing in graphic design. After that she started
working with small businesses running their marketing and heading their vintage sections. She has always had an interest in clothing design and upcycling. Her piece for enchanting spring is one of her very first pieces. She’s very excited for you to see this show and honored to work along side so many incredible designers and creatives.


Unlocked Entertainment Presenting

 Aug 22at 6p

Fall Fashion Show


Get ready to witness the latest trends in the IA fashion industry. This event will be held live in person on Tuesday Aug. 22 2023 at Willow Creek Theatre Company 327 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

This year's fashion show will showcase the latest collections from some dope designers from the Midwest like DNGO 0925, Creative Freedom, Wopnami, J.A.H.Ns Classics, and i2i Designs. You'll see everything from chic streetwear to elegant dresses, and everything in between. You won't want to miss the stunning models strutting down the runway in these gorgeous outfits.

If you're a fashion enthusiast, this is a must-attend event. You'll also have the opportunity to shop the collection on site.

So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable night of fashion. We can't wait to see you at the 2023 Fall Fashion Show!

Live at Willow Creek Theatre

Tuesday August 22nd

Tickets are $15/ $20 at the door.

Doors open @6pm

All ages welcome



J.A.H.N Classic Presenting

July 28 6-9p

J.A.H.N Cabana Show 2023

Irma2Ivonne Designs was invited onto this show as an up-and-coming designer to be able to showcase a variety of styles and designs for this Cabana Swim & Beachwear themed show. I2I designs showcased SIX new pieces for this show and all can be found under the i2i X J.A.H.N Cabana Show in the Collections tab!

Live at 3113 1st Ave SW Cedar Rapids, IA

July 28th, 2023

Seating available at 6p 

Tickets are 10$ online or at the door

All ages Welcome



Irma2Ivonne Designs Presenting

 July 21st 5-7p

i2i Brand Release Advertisement

I am thrilled to present Irma2Ivonne, also known as, i2i. This brand creates custom eco-friendly clothing up-cycled from thrifted/donated/repurposed materials. The official brand release of Irma2Ivonne Designs debuted on July 21st, 2023 at the Iowa City Senior Center at 6pm and showcased FOUR collections with over 30 designs. These designs are meant to promote self-confidence, equal  representation and body positivity in the name of self-love. Every person deserves to feel and dress their best when they see eye to eye with my designs!

 Live at the Iowa City Senior Center

Friday, July 21st, 2023

Tickets are FREE

Doors open at 5p for meet & greet

Show starts at 6p 

All ages welcome!